Packington Moor, Barn Wedding Venue in Staffordshire

High-Speed 2 Rail Link

You may be aware, particularly if you live locally, that the plans announced on the 20th December, 2010, for the development of the High-Speed 2 Rail Link between London and Birmingham would affect Packington Moor. Discussions about the route are ongoing but we should like to emphasise that these plans are still in the early stages and are facing strong opposition both locally and nationally.

Even if the existing plans were to go ahead, nothing would be affected here for many, many years to come.

The Barnes family has been at Packington Moor for 100 years and we remain focused on development, improvement and progress in all areas. We are continuing to invest in all the facilities at Packington Moor and, in addition to the working farm, we look forward to welcoming you to a fantastic farm shop, a vibrant cafe and a wonderful wedding venue.

John, Rosemary, Henry and Jo